"Mikko Heikinpoika was helping to lead Tuvan Khoomey lessons during the Sai-Xonash throat singing workshop tour in August 2015 and we recommend him to those who want to learn Tuvan Khoomey as we consider him as an excellent western Khoomey teacher who has brilliant skills in Khoomey and as an artist. He is a wonderful musician with his own style. His methods in teaching Tuvan Khoomey are very efficient and they will help you to make your first steps as well as to develop your skills as an already practicing Khoomey singer."

-Evgeny Saryglar, People's Khoomeyzhy of the Republic of Tuva, musician of the Tuvan National orchestra-

“Mikko Heikinpoika is not only a great throat singing artist but also an excellent teacher! The two hour workshop was at the same time very informative and instructive as well as fun and energetic. The exercises gave a very approachable angle to throat singing, even for one who is more used to the western way of singing. I warmly recommend!”

-Eeva-Maija Vehvilainen, a vocal pedagogy student-


Want to learn throat singing / khoomey ?

If you wish to learn the basics of throat singing, or develop the skills you have already attained, Im happy to help. My speciality is giving personal tips by analysing your voice and giving guidance and exercises according to that. I'm also available for festivals as a workshop facilitator. I am comfortable with small or big groups, experienced or beginner.

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