Mikko Heikinpoika is a throat singer, multi-instrumentalist and a music producer from Finland. He is a part of the new wave of live musicians who by the means of live looping, merge organic and electronic music together and takes his audience on a wild ride of live energy.

"I experienced Mikko Heikinpoika by chance on a festival in Finland during the summer of 2014. The deeply shamanic and ancient sound of his voice pulled me in. I was then taken on an incredible journey through looping and layering of vocals instruments and electronic trickery, bridging the worlds of a tribal past with present day electronics. I have been keeping up with his evolution over the last year and the more I hear the more I feel, not only the depth and evolution of his music, but the importance of this music as a way to connect with our future ancient past."

-Yaegon aka: Kalya Scintilla-


Mikko Heikinpoika has spent countless hours with his looping gear, merging with it and using his skills as a throat singer to be one with the wave of organic trance that he unleashes. His music has echoes of nature and archaic cultures. It is a reminder of an ancient state of mind, sometimes lost in the rush of modern day society. It is a mix of modern and archaic rhythms and cutting edge organic bass sounds combined with ancient, ritual like singing. To him, looping is not a trick but a method to produce real and inspiring music.

To get depth into his art, Mikko Heikinpoika has travelled in Central Asia. In the republic of Tuva and Mongolia, where throat singing tradition lives strong. He has spent weeks in the Taiga, listening to nature and it’s animals. His teachers are many of the best throat singers alive and he has taken part into ceremonies held in sacred places, dedicated to throat singing. Summer 2015 he won third prize of the modern category at the ”Khoomey in the center of Asia” -throat singing festival, held in Tuva.


Contact: mikkohmusic@gmail.com


Photo: Viktoria Mate